How to Read Your eBook

I have all my stories available in two formats: EPUB and PDF. PDFs are a common file format that can be opened by Adobe Reader, most internet browsers, Microsoft Word, or any app for readings PDFs. Use whatever device or program you prefer! 

EPUB files are a little more "book-like," and can be read on many ereaders, Adobe Digital Editions, or apps such as Google Play Books and Kobo Books, among others. 

Once you make a purchase, you will receive a link to download the story file onto your device. This link is also emailed to you! Once you download and save the file, go to whatever app or program you want to use to read the story. Then you can navigate to where you saved the story, and begin to read. 

Happy Reading!


Lulu has an excellent how-to for ebooks as well, which you can access here for even more detail.

Contact us if you have questions!