A Note from Author Harma-Mae Smit


Hello! I’m Harma-Mae Smit–a writer, a theology lover and a seeker of information. I have a passion for creating stories that lift us up out of the grind of daily life and remind us of the joy of living. I don't believe there needs to be a tension between stories that helps us escape our lives (escapism) and stories that speak to us about our experiences (realism), but rather that there can be stories that do both! I specialize in light-hearted literature because I believe beauty, goodness and truth are a real part of our experience in the worldthey don't just make life richer, they're part of what makes life life. And yes, I read heavy literature on hard topics too! But if you, like me, enjoy relaxing with a sweet story that entertains you, then this place is for you. I'm glad you stopped by!

Thank you for your support! it is only because of you, my readers, that I can be an author at all!

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A Little More About Me:

If you want to know more specifically what I believe, check out the ecumenical creeds and the Three Forms of Unity. You might’ve seen my pieces on theology at Ad Fontes Journal (Davenant Institute), Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, or Reformed Perspective. My personal essays have appeared in Edmonton City as Museum Project, The Globe and Mail and the Edmonton Journal. If you're in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you can also get some of my works in print at local retailers Tix on the Square and Pagemaster Publishing.