Are all your stories super-religious?

All the stories are written by a Christian author, whose ideas about beauty, truth, love and so on have been shaped by the history of Christian thought. However, anyone from any background might enjoy these stories if they enjoy lighthearted reads about human experience. For example, Is He Prince Charming? retells the story of Cinderella from a new perspective.


How do I read an ebook?

All stories here are available in two formats: EPUB and PDF. PDFs are a common file format that can be opened by Adobe Reader, most internet browsers, Microsoft Word, or any app for readings PDFs. Use whatever device or program you prefer! 

EPUB files are a little more "book-like," and can be read on many ereaders, Adobe Digital Editions, or apps such as Google Play Books and Kobo Books, among others. 

Once you make a purchase, you will receive a link to download the story file onto your device. This link is also emailed to you! Once you download and save the file, go to whatever app or program you want to use to read the story. Then you can navigate to where you saved the story, and begin to read. Happy Reading!

What types of ebook formats are available?

Currently our ebooks are available in EPUB and PDF.

Are all your products in ebook format only?

No. We have print versions of Is He Prince Charming? and Six Decades, Three Generations--One House available, for local delivery or pickup. Stay tuned for expanded distribution of print titles.


Why don't you just sell on Amazon?

My stories are widely available on online bookstores, including Amazon! However, some customers prefer not to support Amazon. The size of Amazon is also challenging for many independent bookstores and publishers. By purchasing directly from us, you know your purchase is benefiting an independent author and publisher.


What is the Amrah Publishing House?

The Amrah Publishing House is the publishing venture which publishes Harma-Mae Smit's books. It is a small Christian publishing venture that specializes in light-hearted literature.

Why do you call yourself "Reformed Christian"?

First of all, because I am a follower of Christ, and second of all because the content of my faith has been shaped by the Great Reformation--"Reformed" is the most well-known label for the particular Christian tradition I belong to. However, readers do not have to share the same background to be drawn into the stories found here.

Does every story have a Christian message?

Not every story lays out the five points of Calvinism, or walks the reader through a gospel presentation, but every story is written by a Christian with a Christian worldview. This worldview intimately shapes the stories, whether or not the nuances of God's existence are explicitly discussed. .

Do you have a Statement of Faith?

Amrah Publishing House's Statement of Faith can be summed up by three summaries of faith created after the Great Reformation (also known as the Three Forms of Unity): the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort.


How do I contact you?

See our Contact Us page, or email amrahpublishinghouse@gmail.com