Copy of Is He Prince Charming?

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When I first read Cinderella I was like, what’s going through the prince’s head? How is he okay with being married off like this? And if he’s been spoiled and coddled his whole life, will he want to be matched up with a random female at a ball?

So I wrote a story about it. Quick read, two thousand words...

Here’s the synopsis:

The prince is an irresponsible flirt who won’t settle down. The king needs an heir who will grow up and take care of the kingdom. What’s the solution? A royal ball, of course.

Despite Princess Anastasia’s doubts, the prince does meet a girl who’s different from all the others. But what’s this? A wicked stepmother, and several stepsisters? If there’s a girl who can ever learn to put up with the prince’s self-centeredness, her past may ruin this romance—and the ball!—before anyone gets a fairytale ending.